Small sided soccer game to improve tackle technique

This small-sided soccer game makes the most of 1v1 situations and works on players’ tackling skills and their ability to evade tackles. The players in this game need to have good all-round soccer skills so their team doesn’t lose a life.

Set up the game

You can use the centre circle of an 11-a-side pitch, or mark out a circle with cones around 30 yards in diameter.

You need four goals, as in the diagram, but you can use cones to mark out goals. Split your squad into four and line them up next to the goals.

The game works with four players on the pitch, one from each team. You have to defend your goal but attack the other three.

Any player letting in a goal has to go off the pitch and another of their team joins. Once you are off the pitch you have lost your life and cannot go back on. The team with the last player on the pitch wins.

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