Small sided soccer game to boost midfield passing skills

This soccer coaching session focuses on using one-two skills with players running in from midfield. These passes can put midfielders into goal-scoring positions by using an attacker to pass past the defenders.

In this soccer coaching session, the attacker receives the ball with their back to goal, flanked by two defenders. The midfielders run wide to support the attacker who can use either wing to play one-twos to get into the box.

There are more soccer coaching points to highlight in this situation – the attacker must read what the defenders are doing. It may be that the attacker cannot play a one-two but could turn and dribble through into the penalty area. If the defenders close down the attacker, then they can play a one-two with the midfielder or pass behind the defender for the midfielder to run onto.

Set up a small sided game to work on basic soccer skills

  • You need three teams of three players, and a goalkeeper.
  • Team 1 starts off as the attacker plus two defenders.
  • Team 2 is the left attacking midfielder.
  • Team 3 is the right attacking midfielder.
  • The coach plays the ball into the attacker and they must combine with either the left or right midfielders to create a goal scoring chance.
  • Make sure everyone has a chance to play in all the positions.
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