One touch finish small sided soccer game

In soccer training drill sessions, players are more willing to try shooting from every angle possible. You need to build this confidence into your team, so they shoot when they see the opportunity on match day, too. This small-sided soccer coaching game is great for that. Try it and see for yourself.

How often do you see players moaning because their team-mate shot rather than passed to him? Or how often does your attacker pass when you want him to shoot?

In matches I think the second complaint is more common. Players pass rather than shoot because they think it is the right thing to do. A player needs a lot of confidence to try a one-touch finish rather than pass the responsibility.

Set up the game

  • Set up a 30 yard x 20 yard pitch. Use two teams of four players with no offsides.
  • Restart in the usual way.
  • The players can only score by using a first time shot, that is without taking a touch to control the ball. Play for 10 minutes.  
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