6v6 to improve midfield creativity

Help your players to hone their creativity with this game of possession versus attack.

Players must keep the ball or take quick advantage of gaining possession with clever attacks.

Why use it

This drill is aimed at getting midfielders to use creativity in the final third of the pitch in order to make and take scoring opportunities.

Set up

Set up a playing area of 30×25 yards. In this session we’ve used 12 players. You will need balls, bibs, cones and two goals.

How to play

One team is in possession and the other team attacks. The team in possession is made up of the four outside players on the sidelines, two inside players and the two goalkeepers.

The other team attacks either goal and uses four players. The players of the possession team have two touches and the team scores a point by making six passes.


This is a great activity to get young players showing their creative flair. The attacking four will have plenty of opportunities to use the overload in the middle when they win the ball, and the possession team needs to use the ball well with good passing technique.

Encourage the attacking team to use skills like feints or step overs and clever passes to set up team-mates.

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