What is a Rondo in soccer?

Watching my U15s control the game at the weekend was one of those occasions when I felt really proud of my coaching. Pass, pass, move, one-touch, backheel… It was all there and I loved every minute of the way they ran the game.

They won 3-1 but the score was irrelevant – it was the way they played that mattered. When working out what to do with the U10s during the week, I looked back at what had inspired my U15s to play so well.

The answer seemed obvious to me – it was the rondos I’d used with them.

So what is a rondo drill?…

Rondos are soccer drills where one group of players has the ball with overload advantage (3v1, 4v2, 5v2, 6v3) over another group of players. The basic objective of the group with overload advantage is to keep possession of the ball while the objective of the group with fewer players is to win the ball back.
Now that you know what rondos are, I’m going to give you a small taster of what they look like in practice.

“Passing Pairs” comes straight out of my Rondos – Special Training Guide

You can start seeing progress in your players immediately by using rondos drills like this in your training sessions.

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