Soccer drills to help goalies stop a high cross

Corners, free-kicks and crosses can cause chaos if your goalkeeper doesn’t jump high and catch the ball. Use the following soccer goalie drills and tips to sharpen your goalie’s skills.

Drill A. Defending the High Cross

  • Use a 15m x 15m square.
  • Put your goalkeeper and two attackers in the square and a player at each corner with a ball.
  • The coach calls out a number (1 to 4) and that player kicks a high ball to the keeper. The keeper has to attack the ball and win it in the air, under pressure from two attackers in the box.
  • Keep repeating the soccer drill, as practice is important.

Drill B. Defending the High Cross and Clearing

  • In this soccer drill, have your goalkeeper in the goal against two attackers.
  • Two players with multiple balls stand on the wings to cross high balls into the box. Two other players are 25m down field in a marked off target area (cones will do).
  • The goalkeeper attacks the high ball, wins it in the air and immediately turns and throws it downfield in the opposite direction from which the cross came. This switches the field and catches the attackers still charging at the goal.
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