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Clearing the Ball out of Danger: Soccer Tips and Drills to Clear the Ball

soccer clearing

Mostly every soccer game has a situation when a player needs to simple kick the ball high, away and clear of any danger.

This is painful to say but sometimes the "big boot" away from danger is the best way to save your team. You've heard the saying before, "when in doubt, kick it out!".

Defensive Soccer Tips for Clearing the Soccer Ball

Younger Soccer Defenders

With younger soccer players, they tend to kick the way they are facing. We need to teach them to clear the soccer ball away from the goal which is usually high and to the side – no matter which way they are facing.

The technique for clearing the soccer ball high and to the site – Try and get your players to really focus on clearing the soccer ball to the side first. Then, after they are successful with clearing to the side, you can try and have them get the ball as high as they can. Don't have them do both at once when they are young. As they say, baby steps.

Older Soccer Defenders

With older soccer defenders, clearing the ball is more tactical and requires more thought. Simply booting the ball away is not good enough and could cause your team to be put in a lot of bad situation when those situation could be avoided.

The Why comes in to play with older ages. Why are you clearing the ball?

Did they need to clear the ball, or could they have played out of the back or to the goal keeper? Different scenarios require different actions.

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