About Better Soccer Coaching (BSC)

the bSC team

BSC was created by Randy Soderman, who is now a retired professional soccer player with 12 years of professional experience that started when he was 20 years old.

Randy created BSC after years of looking at the same, UN-original soccer content available online and experiencing the real-time soccer coaching that was taking place at most soccer clubs. Soccer evolves, but it wasn't evolving at most soccer clubs and the content you read online.

To help lead the BSC team, Randy partnered with David Cameron who retired from professional soccer in 2000 and is currently in his 10th year as head soccer coach of Phoenix College. David leads the BSC team which consists of over 50 years of professional soccer playing and soccer coaching from all over the world.

BSC's Mission

BSC was created to help soccer coaches and soccer players become the best they possibly can by providing them with the most innovative and cutting-edge soccer content on the planet- for every stage of their development.

Whether you have just been introduced to soccer, or you are looking to take your game to the professional level, you'll find everything you need right here at BSC.

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