Soccer sponsorship – find your team a sponsor

How can you find a sponsor for your team? The first step is to start local when looking for soccer sponsorship…

Ask the local shops around your club

You can start by talking to as many local business people as possible. They might be willing to sponsor your team in return for having their company name on your shirt.

You might consider specifically looking for family restaurants or sports-bars for soccer sponsorship – they will probably be eager to invest if you tell them they’ll be helping local players and thus helping the local community.

Get help fundraising

Often big companies will be willing to donate some money to help you with your fundraising efforts but may not want their name on your shirts. If you know anyone involved in fundraising organisations you could ask them to help. Organisations such as these are perfect for raising money for worthy causes.

Get some donations

If you know anyone who owns a local business, you could ask them for a donation. If there are businesses which are just starting up in the area, they probably won’t have been approached to sponsor a team yet. If you’re quick you might find a possible sponsor there.

Get the players involved

  • Having your players taking an active role in the community always endears them towards well-meaning adults.

  • Getting them to write letters to teachers, church members, and extended family is always beneficial.
  • Even if people are perhaps at first unwilling to give money, the fact that the players are actively getting involved in community matters is certain to help your cause.

Soccer tips on getting a sponsor for team

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