Soccer drill to get players shooting across the goal

This soccer coaching drill session is about encouraging your players to shoot across the goal, giving the team two chances to score – direct from the shot or following up the rebound, if the goalkeeper makes a save.

This soccer (football) coaching drill will also help to get players more confident shooting with either foot. The ability to shoot across goal using either foot can give your team the edge in the attacking part of the pitch.

Key soccer coaching tip

You need to look at your players' shooting technique, and make sure they are not simply toe-punting it with their weaker foot. Make sure they aim for the far corner of the goal, so they are shooting across it rather than straight down the middle.

Soccer (football) drill to get players shooting across the goal

Soccer (football) drill set up

Look at the diagram and set up the soccer drill. Players need to be running on average 15 yards before shooting, but you can make that shorter or longer depending on the age of the players and space available.

How to play the drill

  • Shot 1 – get your players to dribble down the channel to the left of the pitch and shoot with the left foot, aiming for the area on the opposite side of the goal not protected by cones.

  • Shot 2 – the players now dribble down the channel in the centre of the pitch and shoot with the right foot, again aiming across the goal to the area not protected by cones.
  • Shot 3 – dribble towards the goal and choose a corner to aim at. Show a disguise.

Advance the soccer drill

In this version of the soccer drill, remove the cones from each goal mouth and replace with three goalkeepers.

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