Fun soccer game using neutral players to score

Try this fun game, your players may not realise there is a coaching angle to what they are doing, they just think they’re having fun.

The attacking team in this game always has a numerical advantage so it can use neutral attackers to set up chances of scoring goals.

Can the attackers utilise their numerical advantage to create a shooting opportunity?

How to set it up

Use an area 40 yards long by 30 yards wide with a goal at each end. You need three teams of three players and two goalkeepers.

How to play it

  • Two teams play 3v3 on the small pitch.
  • The other team acts as neutrals that play for the team in possession with one player on each wing and one on the pitch.
  • You can add rules on the neutral players if needed such as limiting touches on the ball and allowing or not allowing them to score.

Whose turn next?

  • The game is played for a set time period while you keep scores.
  • The teams take turns to act as the neutral players.

This session came from Michael Beale’s Soccer Attack!

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