Soccer coaching drill to get players passing back

Sometimes you need to get your players to pass back so they can advance forward. These soccer coaching tips and drills look at how to pass into a target man.
Key soccer coaching tip: Get your attackers to check back when they are being marked.

Playing the ball up to a target man is a great way to open up defences. You need to coach your target man to lose his marker by cutting back infield, drawing the defenders to him. By playing a one-two with one of his teammates he can then split defences and create space in the attacking area.

Creating a 3v2 situation

If you look at the diagram below, the simple pass back from the striker has created space for the ball player and the right winger. The midfield passer is past his marker and has moved into a 3v2 situation.

diagram shows how to make space in the attacking area

Target man soccer drill

Hitting the target man opens your options

  • Practise getting your midfield players to pass the ball to a target man – one of your attackers in the middle of the opposition defence. Play it into the attacker’s path as he moves across the defensive line.

  • The attacker is surrounded by defenders with no space to play into, so he has to seek other options to create space.
  • This is countered by getting your attacker to play a ball back to the midfielder who has moved wide to escape the defenders.
  • In the soccer drill diagram you can see how the defenders have moved to block the attacker, and a quick one-two has opened the defence up, bringing other players into the attack.

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