How to kick a soccer ball with power

Tips for soccer coaches teaching players how to kick a soccer ball with power.

If you can get your strikers to lose their markers and explode onto passes, they will be able to put more force into their shots and cause chaos in the opposition defence. Show them how to do this with the help of this acceleration soccer drill.
Accelerating into the shot

When you think of the top goal scorers, they all have the ability to lose their marker and accelerate onto through passes. It is that acceleration which gives them the extra power on the shot to blast it into the net. And that takes practice. Get your forwards accelerating onto passes to help them hit unstoppable shots into the net.

Advanced shooting – through pass and shoot

You must get your forwards to stay outside the box until the ball is played and then explode onto the ball for the shot.

Soccer drill to practise the skills:

  • Set up the drill, as in the diagram, using three forwards and a goalkeeper.

  • Player A plays ball to Player B, with player A following his pass to receive the ball back short from player B.
  • Player A then plays a diagonal ball to Player C, who touches the ball sideways to Player B.
  • Player C makes a run as if he was losing his marker, staying outside the box until Player B plays a ball into the box for player C to run onto.

    Players follow their passes (A goes to B, B to C, C to A.)

Extend the soccer drill

Add a defender once your forward grasps it.

diagram to show drill to get acceleration onto shot using 3 forwards and goalkeeper

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