Football drill to coach a volley pass

The volley pass is where a player controls the ball and passes, all in one fluid movement, using the top of his laces. Your players should be able to hit the pass on the volley with the correct power in any direction necessary. Use these football passing drills to help.

Football passing volley drill

These two football drills are the best way to coach this form of passing. Tell your players you will be looking for accuracy when practising, and encourage them to act confidently when volleying.

Volley pass drill

  • When players are volleying the ball to each other – let them catch the volley and return it by dropping it onto their foot, rather like a goalkeeper would.

  • Tell your players to use the top of their foot to pass the ball over the distance, to ensure it drops exactly into the hands of the other players.

Key soccer coaching tip

Make sure there is not too much height on the volley pass.

Set up volley pass drill

  • Spread out 15 metres apart.

  • Tell your players to spread around the field volleying the ball to each other to catch.
  • Players maintain a distance of at least 15 metres between each other. In the diagram, A volleys to D who catches, then from his hands he volleys it to C and so the drill continues.
  • You can try progressing to no hands. Players must then control the ball by foot, head, chest or thigh before volleying on to the next player.

Move on to the overhead volley pass

The next drill is for the overhead volley pass, shown in the bottom diagram.

Your defenders can use this when they are facing their own goal and need to clear without giving away a corner. It is a more advanced move.

  • Player A throws to B – 5 metres away – at chest height.

  • B leans backward, keeping one foot on the ground and, using the arms for balance, volleys the ball over his head to player C – standing 10 metres behind him – or on to player D who is further away.
  • Players can then turn around so that D would become the server and C would attempt the overhead volley.

Football drill to coach volley pass

Key soccer coaching tips

Tell your players you want to see good balance, eyes on the ball all the time and good leg control by the kickers.

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