Coaching a reverse pass drill

Give your young players different ways to move the ball so they can keep possession for their team. This soccer training drill looks at the right-angled or reverse pass, which helps players pass in a direction that is least expected by the opposition.

At first a young player will often pass in the direction they are running, and be unaware of the possibility of passing to other players. With the help of these soccer coaching drills, you can get players used to looking around them and seeing the possibility of passing in a direction they’re not used to.

Soccer drill using a circle is aimed at getting young players passing at a right angle, or using a reverse pass

Drill set up

Set up the reverse pass drill, as in the diagram above, with players in a circle around 20m in diameter. A cone is placed in the centre of the area – use one ball and start at player A.

How to run the drill

Player A moves with the ball, as quickly as their control will allow, goes around the cone, and plays a reverse pass to a player on the edge of the area, in this case player F – the orange line.

Player A follows the pass to replace player F. The ball must keep moving – player F takes the ball round the cone and he plays a reverse pass to player E – the black line – and so on until everyone has a turn.

Key soccer coaching tip

You must tell your players their non-kicking foot stays behind the ball, while their kicking foot turns towards the ball from the ankle joint and smartly whips the ball back at an angle.

How to advance the drill

To progress the drill, players should be encouraged to use their weaker foot. In the diagram, player A would go round the cone to the left, and reverse pass to player C using his left foot. Then take the place of C, who would pass to E.