Soccer coaching game using combination play

This attacking combination practice is a great way of putting pressure on your forward line as they head for goal. They will not always face the same number of defenders in a match so the game builds up from no defenders to three.

You are moving the forward line through unopposed to opposed play and therefore building the difficulty level up.

How to set it up

Use an area 40 yards by 30 yards or use the pitch from the halfway line.

You need a goal and a goalkeeper, and for this session you should use six outfield players split 3v3.

How to play it

  • The coach passes a ball to the three forwards who combine to shoot at goal unopposed.
  • Once the shot is taken, a defender races on to the pitch and the coach passes a new ball to the forwards who now combine in a 3v1 situation.
  • This sequence continues with additional defenders added until a 3v3 is played.

How to rotate the players

The forwards count the number of goals scored and then rotate with the defenders for the next game.

This article is taken from Soccer Attack!

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