Soccer coaching tips to work up dribbling skills

Some young soccer players are naturally gifted when it comes to running and dribbling the ball, but for every naturally gifted player there are hundreds who need to be shown the techniques and practise them repeatedly.

Dribbling tips

  • Dribbling can be done with the inside, outside, instep, and sole of the foot. Your players should be able to run with the ball or change direction, while keeping the ball under control.

  • When players pick up speed, they shouldn't kick the ball farther away. Instead, they need to move their feet quicker, pushing the ball more frequently.
  • When dribbling into space get your players to look around them for attacking opportunities.
  • Approach opponents at a comfortable pace – not too fast.
  • Keep centre of gravity low by leaning forward and bending the knees.
  • Tell players not to beat their opponent right away unless the defender is off balance or flat-footed. Instead, they should stay on their toes and be prepared to move left or right to fool the defender.
  • It's that simple! – but your players must practise as much as possible.

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