Football drill to coach Matthews dribbling move

Changing direction to wrong foot and beat defenders is a basic football skill, which will make your players more accomplished when they run with the ball. Your players' dribbling skills and close ball control will benefit enormously if you coach simple skills with the help of drills such as this Matthews move drill.

The Matthews move is named after the legendary England international Sir Stanley Matthews and is a great dribbling move that your players can use to get past the opposition.

Dribbling soccer drill

In this football drill get your players to think about:

  • Slowing down as they approach a defender.

  • Lightly touching ball to the left with the inside of right foot.
  • Using left foot immediately hop to the left…
  • … and dropping left shoulder to emphasise the fake.
  • Pushing off on left foot, taking ball to the right with outside of right foot.
  • Accelerating away from defender.

Matthews move dribbling drill

Set up soccer dribbling drill

  • Using a stationary ball, each player takes a short run-up and tries the Matthews move.

  • Repeat several times, making sure players practise faking to go both ways.

To progress dribbling drill

  • Repeat the move, but this time the players dribble the ball a short distance before attempting the Matthews move.

  • Players split into pairs with a ball for each pair.
  • The player with the ball dribbles towards a passive defender and performs the Matthews move.
  • The player with the ball and the defender both turn to face each other again. The attacker repeats the dribbling drill, but fakes to go the other way.
  • After several attempts with both feet, the players switch roles.
  • Two teams of four players line up approx 20-25 metres away from goal. The 1st player from team A must use their skill to beat the 1st player from team B and score a goal past a goalkeeper.
  • After the shot, the 1st player from team A becomes the defender in the 1v1 situation and tries to stop the 2nd player from team B.
  • Award points for successfully creating space for the shot, and also for scoring. The team with the most points wins.

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