Defensive skills drill using players to coach the team

In this basic soccer training drill, one of the players becomes the “coach” and instructs the team in the tactics to use in a 3v3 game. Watching play from the sidelines is different to playing in the game and it can help players develop tactical ability if they’re not in the thick of things.

Communication skills

This soccer drill is about movement and shape in relation to the ball. It’s a 3v3 game with an extra player on each team who shouts out the tactics and becomes the coach.

The drill is also great for boosting communication between players. The team in possession has to keep the ball, while the other team – under instruction from the player coach – must use defensive positional tactics to stop the other team from passing.

You – the real coach – should stay quiet in this drill and let your players show you what they can do. At the end give them marks out of 10 for their ability to move as a group and keep the correct shape under instruction from the player-coach.

Drill tips

Set up the drill as in the diagram below:

Image showing a drill with positional defensive tactics used to stop the opponents passing

In the diagram the white team have control of the ball. Their aim is to keep possession. The grey team must take up defensive positions in relation to the ball and attempt to win possession.

The grey team are working on the instructions of their player coach.

On your whistle, the roles are reversed. Make sure everyone gets a turn at being the player coach in the drill.

You can extend this soccer drill into a 3v3 match with the player coaches in goals still instructing their defenders.