Soccer drill to speed up reactions

Getting players reacting to situations is an important part of your soccer coaching plans. Try this soccer drill to get your players reacting to the ball in attacking positions.
speed up drill for players attack reaction times

Soccer drill tips

What you get your players to do:

  • Player A – Dribbles and shoots.

  • Player B – One-two with A and shoots.
  • Player A – Follows in for the rebound.
  • Player B – Reacts from shot and turns to defend 1v1.
  • Player C – Dribbles in to attack 1v1 against B.

How to develop the drill:

Change the roles and responsibilities of the players. You may add extra players or reduce the numbers. Here is an example of how to extend the drill skills:

  • Player A – Dribbles and shoots

  • Player B – Dribbles to attack 1v1 against A
  • Player C – Has a choice of team-mate. Calls team mate's name and dribbles to make a 2v1 situation
  • Player A – React to player C’s choice
  • Player B – React to player C’s choice