Soccer drill for backheel variation

Use this soccer drill to coach a variation on the backheel ball control drill by reversing it.

The inverse backheel is a trick which involves a spin and a backheel, which changes the ball’s direction and can be used to make surprise passes and even unexpected shots on goal. It can be a very effective skill to coach, but it does take a lot of practice to get right.

Coach the inverse backheel soccer drill

  • Have the ball stationary or moving in front of your feet to start the drill.

  • Make a single stepover with your preferred foot.
  • Move your non-preferred foot over the ball in an anti-clockwise fashion.
  • Simultaneously spin around 180 degrees (and the back of your preferred foot should be facing the ball).
  • Backheel the ball with your preferred foot.

Disclaimer! The reverse backpass is a clever soccer skill and can bamboozle your opponents but beware, your players
can easily lose the ball trying it in dangerous positions.

Key soccer coaching tips:

  • Coach this trick with drills using a stationary ball to begin with and then gradually build up the speed in your soccer drills.

  • Learn the basics of the backheel skill before trying to do this more complicated trick.
  • When using this trick against defenders (or other players) in a game, leave some space between you and the opposition player to give you time to recover if you lose the ball.

Remember to keep your distance!

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