Back street soccer drill

Playing back-street soccer means you try your hardest or your friends will soon get on at you. That means constantly thinking of new tricks and skills to show off. Use my back-street soccer drill and coaching tips to get your players playing streetwise soccer in no time.

Sir Alex Ferguson, the Manchester Utd coach, talks about how he grew up playing soccer in the shadows of the Scottish Govan shipyards; Marcello Lippi who led Italy to World Cup glory in 2006 played soccer on the Italian beaches and in the pine forests using trees for goalposts. Even Sven Goran Ericsson managed to play soccer in the parks when the snow had cleared in Sweden.

Kids no longer have the space to play, or worried parents keep them inside after school. But what they do have in place of this are coaches like you and I. Never have there been so many coaches at grassroots level. And the pitches you train them on are a substitute for the back streets of old.

So the onus is on you to give youngsters the skills and fun they no longer seem to be able to get on their own. My favourite street soccer drill is this one.

street soccer drill using 3 players with the aim of getting players passing

Set up the drill

  • Player A passes to Player B following behind his pass;

  • Player B lays the ball off to Player A who passes to Player C.
  • Player C plays a long ball to player B who has moved into the position of Player A.
  • Player A ends up where C was and C where B was.

Key soccer coaching tip: If you keep reducing the distance between the cones, you can get up some fast passing and running to mimic the way players would play in street soccer. Move the outside cones towards the middle cone, a couple of paces each time.