Soccer drill to boost attacker confidence

Use this soccer training drill to build up confidence in your young attackers without defenders to ruin the party!

Drill tips

There is an overload progression in this drill which allows the attackers to learn to build-up play gradually so they get to know position and movement. Look out for players using correct techniques and skills and make sure they take their time on the ball and stress the importance of maintaining possession.

Set up this soccer drill on a 40 yard x 30 yard pitch.

unopposed attackers' drill

In diagram 1 three players start at one end of the pitch. They must pass and move to get close to the goal and try to beat the goalkeeper. When the move is completed with a shot, miss or save the next three players start. This is also a good workout soccer drill for your goalkeeper.

Develop the soccer drill, as in diagram 2, by marking out three zones. Again three players start at the top end of the pitch but this time they face defenders.

In the first zone they are unopposed, in the second they are facing 1 defender and in the third they play 3v2. The players' test is to see if they can work their way through the zones to score.