Score and assist attacking and finishing drill

This attacking and finishing soccer drill aims to see if the first attacker can finish their chance before spinning to lay-off a pass from his teammate and create a second opportunity.
The attacker needs to react quickly to make the pass and ensure that they follow up the second shot to capitalise on any rebounds off the goalkeeper.

socre and assist drill where player shoots then helps team mate with pass
player and ball movement signage

Tips for attack and finish drill

You need to set up an area 40 x 30 yards, and you need two cones, a goal with two outfield players and a goalkeeper.

  1. Player 1 dribbles and shoots at goal.

  2. Immediately Player 1 spins and plays a wall pass for Player 2 to shoot at goal.
  3. Player 1 then follows the shot in order to get any rebounds off of the goalkeeper or posts.

The players should switch roles for the next attack of the drill.