Free kicks

Free kicks can win and lose games. This section has articles on how to score from free kicks, how to defend them, and what techniques to coach to your players. We look at the different kinds of shot and tell you which to use when. We also show you some great ways to coach free kick taking and defending to your players.

  • How to take a free kick -

    Learning how to take a free kick can be pivotal to a team's chances of success, and there is nothing more satisfying than bending the ball over the wall into the back of the net. Get yourself down to the soccer pitch, so that at the next training session you can show your free kick takers how it's done.

  • Soccer coaching tips and drills for quick free kicks - Free-kicks are given so you have an advantage over your opponents - make sure your players are prepared to make the most of them. One way to do this is by catching the opposition off their guard, says David Clarke.

  • Soccer drill tips for taking winning free kicks - Get your players to practise tactical free-kicks on the edge of the penalty area and you can pull a defence apart, says David Clarke.

  • Free kick soccer drill - Lots of practice is the secret to taking a successful free kick and to make this fun for your young players, try the following soccer drill using either a portable wall or cones to shield the goal.

  • Free kick soccer drill using dummy trick - Free-kicks are often wasted in youth soccer. You need to put some thought into how to set up your team to make best use of a free kick and drill the skills in coaching sessions.

  • Free kick soccer drill with a nutmeg - Coach your soccer (football) players to dummy the ball and fool the opposition at a free-kick.

  • Soccer coaching tips to build a defensive wall - Every so often a team will score a great goal from a free kick that is almost impossible for any defence or goalkeeper to keep out. When this happens it gives you a great coaching point to talk to your players about – always try to take something from conceding a goal.

  • Free kick soccer coaching drill with homage to Barcelona - Those soccer (football) coaches who don't get their players to practise free kicks should take some time to watch Barcelona. The Barcelona players have developed fast, creative, defence-splitting set-piece situations, which they use alongside the curling shot into the top corner.

  • The perfect free kick soccer game - Every team needs to be able to score from a dead-ball situation, so get your players to try this game to develop the perfect free-kick.

  • The fast and furious free kick practice - If you want your attack to catch the opposition off guard, this frenetic game will have them taking free kicks quicker than they can shout "Usain Bolt".

  • Manchester United -

    David Beckham used to improve his free-kicks at United by firing the ball through a car tyre hanging from a goal. This fun activity will improve your players in the same way

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