Crossing drills

If your team has good wingers you will be looking to get them wide and putting in some good crosses for your attackers. Crossing the ball requires specific soccer skills and creating opportunities to get crosses in requires certain tactical approaches. These soccer drills look at how to get your team to score more goals from crosses.

  • Crossing and finishing soccer drills - When you are preparing for matches make sure you organise some crossing and finishing drills during training so that the crossers of the ball are playing to your strengths not your weaknesses.

  • Soccer coaching tips for an early cross - You often find with young soccer teams that the defenders are drawn forward when they are on the attack, leaving space behind them for your team to exploit. An early cross is the best way to do this. David Clarke explains how.

  • Soccer drill to focus on player strengths - Playing to your strengths is a vital skill when you're a soccer coach. You know your players and what they can do better than anyone. Add this soccer drill to your training session to get your wingers using high and low crosses, identifying their team mates' strengths.

  • Step up soccer drill for crossing in match situations - Follow on from coaching basic crossing technique drills and put your players' skills into a match-practice situation.

  • Double your wingers soccer coaching drill - A useful soccer coaching trick, which I've found helpful in smaller 6-a-side games, is doubling up my wingers so the defending team is caught by surprise on one side. It gives the players a chance to combine and get good positions in front of goal to give them more scoring chances.

  • Soccer drill to get attackers crossing to the far post - When you watch professional players crossing a ball, they often take the option of crossing to a player at the far post who then plays it across the face of goal, which is very hard to defend. Use the following crossing soccer coaching drill to get your players working on the same skills.

  • Soccer drill to get players using the whole pitch - This soccer coaching drill uses the whole of the pitch and gets young players understanding how good, accurate passing and runs from the wide players can open up the pitch for a cross into the attack, creating lots of goal-scoring chances.

  • Soccer drill for crossing combinations - Crossing is a vital soccer skill for any player. This soccer drill gets players thinking about combination play by developing crossing ability, as well as the build-up play needed to create crossing opportunities.

  • Small sided game for crossing skills - In this small-sided soccer game you are looking for good crosses from the wide players, which can create scoring opportunities. Because the game is essentially 2v2, the defending team will have to work extra hard to block crosses.

  • Soccer drill to get wingers working on their crossing skills - This soccer (football) drill, which was used by Ryan Giggs in a training session, can be adapted for both left and right wingers. It gets your players used to crossing the ball to the front and back of the penalty area.

  • Football crossing skills drill - This soccer coaching session is about getting the ball into wide areas, creating crossing opportunities and getting players into the box to convert chances. With so many goals scored from crosses, it is vital that your young football players have the ability to create and finish from them.

  • Penalty area game to turn crosses into goals - The penalty area is an exciting place to be, but when football (soccer) players are in there, they need to know how to make the most of their chances. I use this game to give my players the vision to change the point of attack from crosses.

  • Crossing from wings to score - Using the width of the pitch is a great way to launch attacks on your opposition defence. It doesn’t matter whether your players are under-4s on a small pitch or under-14s on an 11-a-side pitch, crossing the ball from the wings is one of the most successful ways to create goal-scoring opportunities.

  • Soccer drill to improve crossing skills - Use this soccer coaching session to help your wingers improve decision-making skills when they have to decide whether to cut inside or outside to beat a defender.

  • Soccer coaching session to make the most of crosses - Encourage your players to get into the right position to take advantage of crosses with the help of this soccer coaching session.

  • Soccer coaching session to succeed in crossing situations - One of the most effective ways to score goals is for an attacker to progress up the wing and pull the ball back from near the goal line for a team mate in the penalty area to shoot from. This session will help your players succeed from such crossing situations.

  • Soccer coaching session to improve chances of scoring from a cross - This session, "Flooding the penalty box", aims to improve the movement of your forwards in the opponent's penalty area so they have a better chance of scoring from a cross.

  • Soccer session combining key attacking elements - This session combines key attacking elements of passing, shooting and crossing. It moves quickly and positively, and ensures players use both feet.

  • Fast, furious and fun crossing game - Fast end-to-end matches can tire you out just watching, but boy, are they fun?! My players love games where they are constantly moving and having to think about what they are doing - and one mistake can mean a goal is given away.

  • Hone crossing skills with this non-stop soccer game - If you want your players to hone their crossing skills, try this non-stop game aimed at helping them get the ball into the box at the right time.

  • Continuous crossing session - If you want your players to hone their crossing skills, try this non-stop training game aimed at helping them get the ball into the box at the right time.

  • Feel the width crossing game - A complex soccer coaching drill to help your players develop the skills they need to deliver three kinds of cross. Soon they will be firing in the ball like David Beckham, Ashley Young or Leighton Baines.

  • Strike Zone -

    If you want your attackers to have that killer instinct in front of goal, this drill will teach them to turn incoming low crosses into the back of the net

  • Switched On -

    This session will give players the confidence to use their craft and vision to be able to switch play from one side of the pitch to the other

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