Turning drills

Every player should have at least three turns in their locker. These turning soccer drills will help you coach your players to be comfortable executing a number of different types of turn. This soccer skill will mean your team keeps possession for longer, your players have more time on the ball, and you score more goals.

  • Soccer drill to get your players practising turns - Players will benefit greatly from having at least three turns in their armoury to help them withstand pressure and create space to pass, shoot or dribble. Use these soccer coaching tips and drills to show your players how...

  • Stop turn soccer drill - Use these soccer coaching tips to get your players practising a stop and turn move. The key to this move is to get your soccer (football) players to stop the run as quickly as possible.

  • Soccer drill for turning and dribbling with the ball - When young players first start running with the ball, they like to run in the direction they are facing. It's difficult for them to keep control of the ball and turn their bodies at the same time. Use these basic football ball control drills to coach them to change direction as they run with the ball.

  • Soccer coaching session for passing and turning skills - Sometimes players have their backs to the way they want to go and have to turn with the ball before they run with it or play a pass. Use this simple passing and turning game to help both the passers of the ball and the receiver. Another bonus of this exercise is that the players are changing position all the time, so everyone is involved.

  • Soccer coaching drill to stop attackers turning - Manchester United and England defender Rio Ferdinand is regarded as one of the best in the world in his position. He combines pace, height and an instinctive defender’s intuition to make life difficult for even the most unpredictable of frontmen.

  • Soccer coaching drill for the flick turn - Young attackers with their backs to goal can find it difficult controlling the ball and turning to get past the defender if they are being tightly marked.

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