Soccer Goalkeeper Training Drills

Goalkeeper training demands special coaching requirements. However, like most coaches, you probably don’t have time to devote as much attention to your goalkeepers as you would like. These soccer drills highlight some of the main things you need to be aware of when undertaking goalkeeper training. We look at angles, shot-stopping, organising a defence, handling, fitness and much more. We also try as much as possible to make sure that your goalkeeping practices work as team practices too.

  • Goalkeeper training: positioning tips - Soccer coaching tips and tactics to get your young goalkeeper in the right position to make a save.

  • Soccer drills to help goalies stop a high cross -

    Corners, free-kicks and crosses can cause chaos if your goalkeeper doesn't jump high and catch the ball. Use the following soccer goalie drills and tips to sharpen your goalie's skills.

  • Soccer coaching tips to keep your goalie happy -

    The position of goalkeeper is always the hardest to fill in any youth soccer team. Use this soccer goalie drill and coaching tips to make sure your keeper is happy in his role.

  • Soccer coaching tips to help goalies read penalties - Seventy per cent of the penalty kicks at the last World Cup went to the opposite side of the foot the kicker took the penalty with. If professionals make that choice, then how much more likely are young players to do so? Use the following soccer coaching tips to get goalies prepared for penalties.

  • Three way soccer drill for goalie and striker skills - Strikers and goalkeepers work well together in threes. This quick, shooting soccer drill keeps your goalkeeper on his toes and helps your strikers find the best place to put their shots to beat the opposition keeper.

  • Soccer coaching tips to get your goalie in position - Getting a goalkeeper for your team is bad enough, but getting one who can change positions in relation to the game is very difficult. These soccer coaching tips will help get him thinking about positioning and how to help the defenders.

  • Soccer drill to brush up goalkeeper distribution - One of the most surprising statistics I have seen is that passes by the goalkeeper fall in the highest bracket of overall pass rate success. So make the most of your goalie by incorporating a soccer drill to work on these skills into your training sessions.

  • Soccer drill to build goalkeeper long distance throwing skills - Long throws from your goalkeeper are a great way to set up counter-attacks - you only need to watch professional goalkeepers to see how one-arm, long throws can get the ball quickly into target areas.

  • Quick soccer drill to warm up your goalkeeper - There are various soccer drills you can use to get your goalkeeper ready for a match. What you don't want to do is to get him stretching, diving or being whacked by a hard shot before the game kicks off.

  • Hands on soccer drill for young goalkeepers - Soccer coaching tips and drills to get your goalie saving a goal using their hands, not their feet.

  • Throw out coaching tips for goalies - Goalkeepers like nothing better than to have the ball in their hands, run to the edge of the area and blast it into the sky. But coaching them to use throw-out skills instead can produce better results.

  • Soccer drill tips to boost goalkeeper drop kicks - Goalkeepers can score from within their own area, so teaching your goalie effective long kicking skills can be a good attacking move.

  • Coaching tips for diving saves - Keeping the ball out of the net is just as important as scoring, and the best part of being a goalkeeper is making a diving save. Follow these soccer coaching tips to improve your goalie's diving skills.

  • Soccer drill to work on goalkeeper footspeed - Coaching your goalkeeper to work on his footspeed is vital to his ability to get in position to block shots. Goalkeepers who are quick off the mark will save your team if they can get the skills right. Use the following soccer coaching tips and drill to get the best from your goalie.

  • Soccer coaching tips to help your goalie jump - These soccer coaching tips and drills are aimed at goalkeepers who have to use large goals where a shot can go over their hands and under the crossbar. When goalkeepers change from small 7-a-side goals, they need to be taught to jump more because they are used to just stretching their arms up to stop the ball going in the net.

  • Quick reaction catching game - This is a good game to give your goalkeeper practice in catching the ball, but you can also use it with your other players, it gives them a break from working with their feet and helps with reaction and turning to react to the ball being thrown to them.

  • Soccer warm up drill to keep goalies on their toes - I like this soccer drill because it's easy to set up and it makes a good warm-up drill for your goalkeeper before matches or before your soccer coaching sessions. It also helps your strikers work on their low shots.

  • Fun, fast game to get goalies making shots - This is a good, fun game to get your goalkeeper making shots and to help him with goalkicks. It's a fast 1v1 where each goalkeeper can score using various skills - throw, kick, drop-kick. As soon as a goalkeeper saves, he shoots back.

  • Goalkeeper drill to deflect the ball - In a perfect goalkeeper’s world, every shot would be cleanly caught and brought into the body. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Tony Carr, academy director of West Ham United, English Premier League, has this soccer training drill to help goalkeepers deflect the ball safely away from the goal using the correct technique and quick decision-making skills.

  • Soccer coaching drill to work on goalkeeper angles - When your goalkeeper is faced with a burly attacker bearing down on the goal and some quick decision-making is needed, it's helpful to get him to use angles to work out where to move. Use this soccer drill session to help your goalie save more shots on goal.

  • Soccer drill to give your goalkeeper the diving basics - Technique is just about the most important thing a young goalkeeper can be taught. He can be agile and have quick reactions but if he hurts himself when he dives I can guarantee he won't be doing it very often. Use the following tips and soccer drills to show him how to do it safely.

  • Soccer coaching tips for goalkicks - You don't want your goalkeeper giving away the ball too easily. Make it a matter of pride that he doesn’t gift the opposition the ball at goalkicks by focusing on the following skills in your soccer training sessions.

  • Footwork soccer drill for goalkeepers - Soccer coaching drills that focus on footwork are essential for your goalkeepers. Using hands to make a save is obviously crucial for shot stopping but if the goalkeeper is not in position, they’ll never get the chance to use their hands.

  • Muddy pitch warm up drill for goalkeepers - If the pitch is muddy, use this soccer drill to warm-up your goalie's feet as well as their hands because in these conditions it is the goalkeeper's footwork that will often be the deciding factor when the ball is played.

  • Soccer drill to work on goalie skills with the whole team - Use the following soccer coaching drill to focus on your goalkeeper, as well as involving the rest of your players. In the drill the goalkeeper must react to outfield players, who are passing and moving to catch the goalkeeper off guard so they can score.

  • Soccer coaching tips to keep your goalie alert - Your goalie is the one player who can save the team when all else fails, so it's worth ensuring his skills are noticed and he receives due praise for every save he makes. But it's also important that he's always on the alert. Use the following soccer coaching tips to encourage this.

  • Soccer drill to get goalies catching corners and crosses - Use the following soccer drill to coach your goalkeeper how to catch corners and crosses.

  • Lunging soccer drill for goalkeepers - The lunge is a versatile fitness exercise that is helpful to warm-up your goalkeeper. The exercise can be used to develop all-round lower-body strength, flexibility, balance and power. 

  • Soccer drill to improve goalkeeper catching skills - Catching the ball is a basic goalkeeping skill. Use these soccer coaching tips and drills to help your goalie improve their catching.

  • Goal kick soccer drills - Making the most of goal-kicks is not easy, you often find the ball going straight back to the opposition because the kicker has just kicked it as hard as he can. Use these goal kick tactics to help your players.

  • Soccer drill to test goalies on shots and crosses - Using this soccer (football) drill you can coach shooting and crossing skills as well as the numerous handling responsibilities that your goalkeeper has to deal with during matches.

  • Soccer goalkeeping drill to prevent rebound shots - How often do you see young goalkeepers make a good save but push the ball away from their hands back to the attackers who score from the rebound. Use this soccer drill and coaching tips to work on your goalie's saves.

  • Match preparation soccer drill for goalkeepers - Ask a parent or other helper to assist with this soccer warm-up drill so you can get your goalkeeper match ready.

  • Soccer drill to get goalies punching the ball clear - Balls that are played high into a crowded penalty area are often hard for a goalkeeper to catch, so the most positive move is to coach your goalkeeper to use their fists to punch the ball clear. If your goalie can get both fists to the ball it will be cleared much further.

  • Soccer goalkeeper drill -

    This soccer (football) goalkeeper drill works on improving a goalkeeper’s ability to deal with a high ball over their head. This can happen when they are caught off their line, or if a cross catches on the wind. The drill will also test a goalkeeper's basic football skills in handling the ball and using quick footwork. You can use the drill as a football warm up or for an indoor soccer drill, too.

  • Soccer goalkeeping drill for kicking the ball clear -

    Nothing takes the pressure off your defenders more than a good kicked clearance from the goalkeeper. It doesn’t matter what age your goalkeeper is, if they get the technique right, then the distance will follow. Use this football goalkeeping drill to coach the skills.

  • Soccer coaching drill to get goalies clearing a back pass - When defenders are chasing a breakaway, they are running towards their own goal. Sometimes, if they can win the ball, their only option is to kick it back to their goalkeeper, which puts pressure on the goalie. This soccer coaching session will help your goalie practise handling a back pass clearance.

  • Soccer coaching tips to keep your goalie active - Playing in goal can be a tough experience for young football players because they sometimes stand around for ages, let a goal in and become dejected. One soccer coaching tactic to help you improve this situation is to keep your goalkeeper as active as possible during matches.

  • Soccer drills to get goalkeepers moving around the penalty area -

    Your goalkeeper must be agile and aware of everything around them so they can judge the right time to move to the ball when it arrives in the penalty area and claim it as their own. I use soccer (football) drills that stretch my goalkeeper and encourage him or her to move around the penalty area.

  • Goalkeeper drills - Here are 10 goalkeeper drills that will help improve your team in both defence and attack.

  • Soccer coaching drill for goalkeepers to command their penalty area - When the ball is played into the penalty area, your whole team usually breathes a huge sigh of relief when it ends up in the goalkeeper's hands. Having a commanding goalkeeper will make a huge difference to the number of goals your team concedes.

  • Soccer coaching session for goalkeeping skills - Goalkeeping is not simply about making eye-catching dives to the top corner of the goal. This session will help improve your goalkeepers' distribution, catching from crosses and shot stopping – and your outfield players will benefit in dribbling, crossing and shooting techniques.

  • Goalkeeper warm-up drills - DRILL ONE

    One passes, one throws

  • Long throw tips for soccer goalkeepers - Goalkeepers like nothing better than having the ball in their hands, running to the edge of their area, then blasting it into the sky.

  • Soccer coaching pre-season goalkeeping session - When your goalkeeper returns from the summer break, you should get him back to basics and the most basic thing for a goalkeeper to do is catch the ball.

  • Get your soccer players to work their goalkeeper - Never begrudge spending a whole practice session on goalkeeper skills. It's an area that many coaches overlook because they feel the rest of the team aren't involved. However, outfield players can still be active, as well as understanding better what it's like to be the man between the posts.

  • Rob and Ron's speed shooting - It must be a close call as to who is the faster player, Bayern Munich's Dutch star Arjen Robben or Portugal and Real Madrid hero Cristiano Ronaldo. Both can run and change direction at speed, and both possess a potentially devastating end product to boot.

  • Coaching session to improve goalkeeping skills - It is important to work with your goalkeeper to improve his or her skills during your training sessions.

  • Dealing with high balls - This session works on improving a keeper’s ability to deal with a high ball over their head. This can happen when caught off their line or if a cross catches on the wind. It will also test general footwork and handling.

  • Pre-season Back to basics for your goalkeeper - When your goalkeeper returns from the summer break, you should get him back to basics and the most basic thing for a goalkeeper to do is catch the ball.

  • Goalkeepers need to deflect the ball to safety when they cannot catch it - In a perfect goalkeeper’s world, every shot would be cleanly caught and brought into the body. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. So when called upon to deflect the ball safely away from the goal, the correct technique is essential. 

  • Goalkeepers should command their penalty area - Your goalkeeper must be agile and aware of everything around him so he can judge the right time to move to the ball and claim it. I use drills that stretch my goalkeepers and encourage them to move around the penalty area.

  • The back to the future soccer goalkeeping game - This is a game that not only helps your goalkeepers develop their footwork skills when dealing with back passes, but it teaches your outfield players to make and receive them too.

  • Save In Shoot-outs -

    A goalkeeper may have nothing to lose in a penalty shoot-out, but by working on his movement and his reaction saves he certainly stands more chance of winning

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