U9 soccer drills

These U9 soccer drills cover such areas as winning possession from a goal kick, boosting your striker’s confidence and positioning tips for goalkeepers. Click on the headings for detailed U9 soccer drills complete with diagrams. Click on the headings below.

  • Goalkeeper training: positioning tips - Soccer coaching tips and tactics to get your young goalkeeper in the right position to make a save.

  • Defending the target man drill - Sometimes your team will play a team with one player who is much more talented than the rest. This could be a striker that they rely on to score all their goals, or the player who starts all their moves. Use this soccer drill to coach your players to defend against this style of play.

  • Soccer coaching tips to win possession from a goal kick -

    The ideal way of getting your young soccer (football) players into shape to defend or attack goal kicks is by shouting a one-word code. If you use my technique, all you will have to shout is "DIAMOND." 

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  • Soccer coaching tips to keep your goalie happy -

    The position of goalkeeper is always the hardest to fill in any youth soccer team. Use this soccer goalie drill and coaching tips to make sure your keeper is happy in his role.

  • Kick off tactics to keep opponents guessing - Kick-offs are particularly important in junior soccer because if you’ve just given away a goal, or you are starting the first or second half of a match, you need your players to take the initiative. Use these kick-off soccer coaching tips and tactics to catch your opponents out.

  • Three way soccer drill for goalie and striker skills - Strikers and goalkeepers work well together in threes. This quick, shooting soccer drill keeps your goalkeeper on his toes and helps your strikers find the best place to put their shots to beat the opposition keeper.

  • Soccer drill to get players goalside - Coaching your players to get goalside is one of the basic positional tips a soccer coach can give. Follow these soccer coaching tips and drills to make it clear to your team just what's involved.

  • Soccer drill to boost attacker confidence - Use this soccer training drill to build up confidence in your young attackers without defenders to ruin the party!

  • Soccer finishing drill to boost decision making skills - ABC soccer finishing drills promote independent thought and improve your players’ decision making skills. Introduce the following ABC finishing drill to your team and reap the benefits in your next match.

  • Muddy pitch warm up drill for goalkeepers - If the pitch is muddy, use this soccer drill to warm-up your goalie's feet as well as their hands because in these conditions it is the goalkeeper's footwork that will often be the deciding factor when the ball is played.

  • Soccer drill to coach possession skills - Use this soccer training session to coach your players how to work hard to win back the ball if they lose possession.

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