Soccer Drills for kids

This selection of soccer drills for kids focuses on the basic core skills -- ball control, passing, tackling, heading and shooting. Keep your players’ interest levels up with these fun soccer drills for kids, while teaching them the fundamentals of the game.

  • Soccer drill to coach the block tackle - Tackling is a basic soccer skill that every player - not just defenders - should be able to execute correctly, otherwise the consequences could be disastrous. Use the following soccer coaching tips and drill to help your players get to grips with it.

  • Simple ball control soccer drill - Using this simple soccer drill to coach ball control is an excellent way to teach young players of all ages how important and achievable such basic football skills are.

  • Ball control drills to gain a good first touch - The aim of working on players' first-touch soccer skills is to give them more time to assess their next move. These coaching tips and soccer drills are aimed at improving the first touch of the ball.

  • Keep ball soccer drill to test ball control skills - Put your players' first-touch ball control skills to the test with a simple 4v1 keep-ball soccer drill.

  • Soccer drill tips for instant ball control - One of the most important soccer skills you can teach your players is ball control. Follow these soccer coaching drill tips to help them focus on the techniques involved in improving their abilities.

  • Soccer juggling drills for better ball control - Juggling is a great way to improve mastery of the ball, which will help your players during matches and give their confidence a boost. Try the following fun soccer drills.

  • Soccer drill to get players passing and moving - I hate it when I see long lines of players in pairs passing to each other across the pitch. Players tend to get bored with these type of soccer drills and the situation isn't like it would be during a match. Use this passing soccer drill for a more realistic work-out.

  • Soccer warm up drill combining bursts of speed and ball control -

    This warm-up soccer drill is a good fitness test to get players practising short bursts of speed while keeping the ball under control. It also tests the accuracy of their pass or shot.

  • Soccer drill to get strikers using either foot when they're shooting close to goal - This soccer drill focuses on making your strikers use their weaker foot close to goal so they're not twisting their bodies into unusual shapes to try and get their foot in the right position to score.

  • Soccer drill to boost volley skills - Coaching your players to volley will give them the technique to score goals when the ball is bouncing or when they're receiving flighted passes. Use the following unopposed soccer drill and coaching tips to get them practising these vital soccer skills.

  • Heading soccer drill for older players - When your players get to U10 and U11, this is the age they become strong enough to use heading skills properly in matches. Having instilled in them the confidence to head the ball at an early age (click here for a fun heading skills drill aimed at younger players) they will move onto more aggressive heading with some good soccer coaching tips from you.

  • Side-foot soccer passing drill - Use this soccer passing drill to coach your players how to kick using the side of their foot. Side-foot passing is for accurate, short, quick passing all the way from one box to the other. Repeat this soccer drill frequently and you'll find side-foot passing skills start to come naturally to your players.

  • Slide tackle soccer drill session - Your young soccer players will love practising these slide-tackle soccer drills. But make sure you tell them that usually the slide tackle is a last-resort method to stop a player with the ball advancing on goal and it buys some time for your team to reorganise in defence or regain possession of the ball.

  • Soccer drill to coach the poke tackle - When defenders have players running at them in 1v1s, they often just need to touch the ball out from their opponent's feet to gain control for themselves. This is a much simpler tackle to the slide or block tackle. Use the following coaching tips and soccer drill to get players working on a poke tackle.

  • Soccer drill to coach flick on headers - One of the roles of players in the box is to flick on headers, which can cause huge problems for defenders and give the attacking team the advantage. Coach these heading skills using the following soccer (football) drills.

  • Soccer drill for aerial ball control - This soccer drill is about coaching your players to use the top of the foot to “cushion” control a ball to improve touch in tight situations such as a goal-kick dropping in to a crowded midfield.

  • Soccer passing drill with eye patches - As any youth soccer coach knows, young players often lose the ball because of poor judgement about when to pass. Part of this process relates to the ability of the player in possession to quickly sight the target while under pressure. Use this soccer coaching session with eye-patches to help your players work on this skill.

  • Soccer passing drill to split defence - Drawing defenders forward then passing between them is an important attacking move so your midfielders can play the attackers into space near the goal. Catching defenders in two minds makes it difficult for them to turn and react to the through ball, giving your attackers a head start in the race for the ball.

  • Drill to coach soccer ball control and passing skills - Coach your players to win, control and pass the ball with ease with the help of the following basic football skills and drills.

  • Football passing drill with swivel move to change direction - Coach your players to make time and space with a simple swivel skill that lets them change direction quickly. Use this football passing drill to help.

  • Positive forward passing drill - When players make a forward pass into an attacker, they must be prepared to support and ensure players in advanced positions do not get isolated. This football passing drill is all about making the most of possession and movement to support the pass.

  • Soccer drill to coach basic long distance shooting skills - Use this basic soccer shooting drill to get your players developing their long-distance shooting skills.

  • Basic football shooting drill - This is a great way to get all young football (soccer) players from under 4s through to under 16s having fun in front of goal, they will love trying to score in this basic football shooting drill.

  • Soccer coaching tips for shooting from a cross - When your players meet a cross from the wing in the penalty area, tell them to put the ball into the corners of the goal so the goalkeeper cannot reach it.

  • Pass and shoot warm up soccer drill - This pass, shoot and defend football warm-up is all about control, footwork, ball skills, movement, attacking and defending. It's a great warm-up drill for match days and can be used during indoor training sessions, too.

  • Soccer drill to control, turn and shoot - This soccer coaching session teaches players to create space and take a shot after they receive the ball with their backs to goal. It is an art for attackers to turn defenders when facing away from the goal, otherwise they will lose the ball.

  • Simple soccer drills for more accurate shooting skills - Getting your young soccer (football) players to concentrate on accuracy, rather than power, is one of the key points when coaching shooting skills. Focusing on accuracy at all age levels is more important. Power will come once players get their shooting direction right.

  • Shooting soccer drill to coach defensive tactics -

    Shooting games are great for coaching players to use defensive soccer tactics - especially when the defender must win the ball to create a chance to shoot.

  • Soccer drill to advance passing skills -

    When I want my soccer players to think about passing and movement, I instruct them to pass the ball one way and move in another direction. It means they have to think about co-ordination and this advanced soccer skill becomes second nature in matches.

  • Simple heading soccer drill - This repetitive heading drill is a good one to use with your soccer players to help them realise a header can be just as accurate as a kick in the right situation.

  • Soccer drill to get players shooting with their left or right foot - Attackers who can shoot with either foot have more opportunities to score, so your players will be much better placed if they can score with the foot that naturally takes the ball towards goal. Use this soccer drill to help your young players practise shooting using either their left or their right foot.

  • Soccer fitness drill for speed, coordination and ball control - This is a good soccer fitness drill for ball control, speed and coordination. Use it for warm ups or warm downs. You can also use it between drills to keep players' concentration high.

  • Test your soccer players' shooting prowess - Rate your soccer players' shooting prowess with this three-shot test that calls for speed, touch, accuracy and confidence. Can they hit the top corners and score maximum points or will they play safe?

  • Soccer coaching drill for stylish and instinctive play by strikers - Try this attacking drill inspired by the game between Palermo and Inter Milan which took place in Italy. The two main men were Diego Milito and Fabrizio Miccoli. It creates situations that will keep a frontman's mind active – switching between measured approach play and first-time shooting.

  • Soccer coaching drill to improve shooting at goal from angles - How often do you see a player running with the ball straight at goal? I'm guessing very rarely, if at all. The only time recently I've seen one of my players run straight at goal was from a poor goal kick that only just got out of the area. So what do I do in practice? Run in single file to the penalty spot and shoot? No, I create angles for my players to practise shooting. Try this drill which will get your players firing the ball at angles to the goal.

  • Best soccer passing drills - Keeping possession is vital to a team’s chances of success, so here are 10 of the best soccer passing drills to keep your players in the ascendancy during matches.

    Click on the headings for in-depth instructions on how to implement the soccer passing drills.

  • Soccer shooting drills - Here are 10 soccer shooting drills for coaches looking to turn their players into predators in front of goal. 

    Click on the headings for in-depth instructions on how to implement the soccer shooting drills.

  • Tackling drills - Here is a selection of tackling drills and a game to help your soccer team when out of possession.

    Click on the headings for in-depth instructions on how to implement the tackling drills.

  • Soccer coaching game for teamwork, strength and balance - Try the fun game called "Chain gang". Will any of your players be a weak link and break the chain? Find out as you test their ball control skills.

  • One Touch Both Feet -

    If you want to sharpen up your players in front of goal, this is a continuous exercise that
    will help strikers perfect the art of shooting first time with either foot

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