Soccer drill to help volley skills

Volleying is a skill which, if you get it right, puts the frighteners on your opponents. It also makes a fun soccer drill for players, seeing if they can put a few volleys together, keeping the ball off the floor.

I don't expect you to create ball jugglers straight away! Volleying the ball is hard without expecting players to be able to volley to each other consistently so they can pass it around in the air. But they can practise the skills and if they practise enough they will be able to keep the ball going long enough to get a real kick out of it.

The key to this soccer coaching drill is to get players to start off slowly, just volleying and catching, and eventually build up to seeing how long they can keep the ball in the air between them.

Your players will be able to experiment using different parts of their feet to see how this affects the height and pace of the volley.

Volleying drill with four players

  • Around a 10 x 10 yard grid stand four players. The soccer drill begins with the players passing the ball around the grid in the air by throwing gently to serve themselves and pass with a volley.

  • Players should use a variety of volleying techniques in the drill, predominantly using the inside of the foot and the laces of the boot.

  • The ball is always played in the air.

  • Players should start this drill by staying in their positions, only moving to get misplaced passes, then they can advance the drill to include moving around the grid and varying the height and angle of the pass.
Develop the volley drill
  1. Players now throw to a partner who volleys the ball for the next pass, the receiver catches and throws another serve; each player taking opportunities to serve and volley.

  2. If the volley pass can be volleyed again, or controlled in the air before volleying, without losing quality then there is no need to catch and throw.

  3. Eventually see how long the players can keep the ball up in the air using only headers and volleys.

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