Soccer tips and drill for evasion and faking

Once your players have mastered basic dribbling skills, use these soccer coaching tips and drill to teach them to evade tackles and use fake moves to open up defences.

How to move with the ball

Before your players can take on defenders, they must learn the proper mechanics of dribbling. Dribbling can be done with the inside, outside, instep, and sole of the foot. Your players should be able to run with the ball or change direction while keeping it under control. When you coach them to pick up speed, urge them not to kick the ball farther away. Instead, get them to move their feet quicker thus pushing the ball more frequently. When dribbling into space, teach them to simultaneously dribble and scan the field around them for attacking opportunities.

Evading tackles

Your players must approach their enemy at a comfortable pace. They should keep their centre of gravity low by leaning forward and bending their knees. Coach them not to try to beat their opponent right away unless the defender is off balance or flat-footed. Instead, tell them to stay on their toes and be prepared to move laterally in either direction.

image shows player raising foot off the ground, to get other player to move in

Attack the supporting foot soccer drill

The defender starts out with balanced footing. But in frame two he raises one foot off the ground. If he raises the foot that is further away from the ball, you move out. If he raises the foot that is nearer to the ball, you move in. Get it? You’re “attacking” his supporting foot.

Faking tips

At times, your opponent will be very patient. If he has you covered and refuses to “bite”, you can get him off balance by faking. When you execute different feints and tricks, you force your opponent to freeze up or lose balance. Be prepared to react quickly, because he may be off balance for just a split second.

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Soccer coaching tips

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