Soccer drill to coach Dutch style counter attacking

There is such an emphasis on teams playing a short passing game that many young players cannot play an accurate long ball. But the best players can hit 40, 50 or 60 yard passes and these soccer skills are very useful. Use this soccer drill to get your players working on their long-passing skills.

Putting the pressure on

If you want your team to make a statement during a game, it's a good idea to get your players practising quick, long balls to put the opposition on their heels and get your team back into their half of the field.

Making long passes work

And I’m not talking about a hoof upfield over the heads of the opposition and a charge after it. A long pass, well-executed, can be a clever way of counter attacking against your opponents. If you look at the great players and great teams in soccer you will see some wonderful long passes that catch opponents out, for instance, the  Dutch and Brazilian teams that can play short, then a defence-splitting long pass. It is a great skill to have in any player's armoury.

Drill to get the ball to your wingers

Set up a soccer drill where your defenders play a long pass up to one of your midfielders, so he can pass it outside to his winger who can run on and cross it into the box. Make sure all your players know their roles in this soccer drill. It has to be a swift and deadly move. That means it needs players running into the box to put away the cross.

image to show a counter attacking drill wtih long kicking and crossing balls

Put your best foot forward

Soccer drill tips

The way in which you move the ball depends on several things, such as:

  • Where it’s going.

  • What you want it to do when it gets there.

  • Who’s in the way.

Drills for passing skills

By fine-tuning your players’ skills as passers, you can significantly increase your team’s chances of success. A good soccer coaching tip is to tell your players to communicate so the pass reaches the receiver and your player must be able to control a hard hit pass.

How to coach the skill

Tell your players to use their long-kicking technique for crossing the ball to the back post as well as for passing. Once your players have perfected this in soccer drill sessions, they can begin to use it in match situations.

  • Player A moves the ball to the side and kicks long to player B.

  • B controls and passes to C.

  • C pushes the ball forward and crosses for player D to run and attack the cross, attempting to score.

  • Repeat on left side, starting with player E.
Click here for another soccer drill aimed at improving your players' long-passing soccer skills.

Soccer coaching tips

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