Distance passing soccer drill

This soccer drill works on distance passing skills. You only need six players to complete one of the soccer drills, though it can easily be expanded to accommodate more players. With lots more players you could have a number of drill grids working at the same time.

What you tell your players the soccer drill is about:

  1. Getting length, height and accuracy on long passing.

  2. Finding team-mates in space you can’t reach using the side-foot pass.

What you tell your players to do in the drill:

  1. Strike the bottom half of the ball and hit an imaginary vertical line that bisects the ball.

  2. Strike with the laces.

  3. Keep the ankle firm, extend the kicking foot.

  4. Lean back slightly.

  5. Sweep through and across the ball.

What to shout:

  • “First touch out your feet,” and “Eyes on the ball.”

  • “Don’t try to hit the ball too hard.”

What to look for in this soccer (football) drill:

Crisp, good quality short passing in the build-up.

  • Angled approach before striking.

  • Non-kicking foot diagonally behind the ball but not
    immediately alongside it.

  • A steady head.

  • No curve on the pass.

What to think about in the drill:

If a player is struggling with these soccer skills, show them how and where to strike the ball by walking through the drill slowly yourself using a stationary ball. Get the technique right first – power can be added later if required.

Soccer drill set up:

Stage 1: In an area approx 10 x 40m, all the players stand in two lines at opposite ends and take it in turns to hit lofted passes. Switch to weaker foot.

Stage 2: Put one player in each of the middle two zones. The player at the end side foots a pass along the ground to the centre of the playing area, where the nearest player returns it on their second touch. The player at the end controls it, then hits a lofted pass to the far side over the heads of both players in the middle. The sequence is repeated at the opposite end.

soccer drill to coach distance passing skills

Develop the soccer drill

After hitting the return pass, the middle player runs towards the player at the end to exert some pressure. To increase difficulty the lofted pass can also be hit first time.

How would I put this into a game situation?

Set up manned target zones in four corners of a grid. Two teams of equal sides play a passing game against each other, scoring points when they hit a lofted pass accurately into a manned target zone. No player from either side is allowed to enter these zones.

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