Soccer drill for 1v1 practice

In the game my U10s B team played on Saturday, they were involved in a lot of 1v1 duels, both in defence and in attack, which had a big effect on the game. By winning the majority of these battles, my team held a huge advantage by having possession of the ball much more than their opponents. Use this 1v1 soccer coaching drill to help your young soccer players.

This soccer drill is aimed at improving your young players' 1v1s in midfield. Players are forced to continually attack and defend 1v1 in order to forge a chance to score a goal.

These are the kind of duels they would face in a real game. Remember to alert your players to the fact that beating an opponent in a 1v1 will remove them from the game, allowing more space to attack.

1v1 soccer drill

Set up soccer drill

Use an area 50 yards by 30 yards with a 10 yards by 10 yards area in the centre of the larger area.

Run the soccer drill

Pass a ball into the smaller area where two players must compete for it. The player successful at taking the ball outside of the area has the chance to run and take a shot at goal.

How to develop it

  • The player that wins the initial batlle in the centre area has to take on the defender in a 1v1.
  • However, if the defender wins the ball from the attacker, then they can pass the ball back to their team mate in the centre square.
  • The team mate can now go 1v1 at the opposite end.
  • Now when winning the 1v1 duel, your player attacks as he would in a game with the attackers outnumbering the defenders (the picture showing 3v2 can be changed to suit the players available in your session).

Play it in a game

The objective is to show the players in your team the benefits of competing and winning the duel against their immediate opponent in the game.

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